Tuesday, April 15, 2014

18 Ways Obama Is A Psychopath

Dead on accurate! What can you say? Truth is truth! Item by item, Obama really is a clinical psychopath!

NewsBusted 4/15/14

LOL, No one is safe!

Police Brutality - Sheriff Mack Speaks Out | Last Line of Defense - DVD ...

This is a subject about which I have no sense of humor. Over the weekend a BLM agent slammed a 57 yr. old grandmother & cancer survivor to the ground without cause, saying that he was "protecting" her, which was bald faced lie!

The state of our Law Enforcement across America is SHAMEFUL! Anyone who would abuse another, either physically or emotionally, is not worthy of the title, Man or Woman. It isn't amusing. It's SHAMEFUL!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Expert Assessment of the Coming Blood Moon Tetrad

BLOOD MOON TONIGHT (Visible over North America): If anyone wants to watch the #Lunar #Eclipse Tuesday am, the best viewing time will start at 0100 CDT, & continue to 0530 CDT. Spica is the close bright star. Make what you will of the prophetic significance of the Eclipse alone, but the conjunction of the Moon at it's moment of full eclipse and Spica may also have some prophetic significance considering that Spica was integral to the signs connected with Christ's birth. Now as to what the prophetic significance of all of this is...Ya got me! It's better to keep things right with the Lord "all" the time, so that you don't have to worry. We live in prophetic times. Our job is to proclaim the Truth until He comes. Everything else is His responsibility. Shalom and God bless His Passover.

Friday, April 11, 2014

BLM Caught Illegally Destroying 100 Yr Old Water Tanks

The Bundys "own" the water rights. The BLM is trying to destroy that evidence.. Legally, Water Rights = Grazing Rights. This is a Harry Reid land grab. Harry Reid's son is head of the BLM. Can you say "Conflict of Interest"? Stand against Corruption! Pray for the safety of all involved.

Tax Day House Party - Tea Party Patriots

Excellent Explanation! If they do it to one, they'll do it to you!

Abolish the corrupt IRS! Why it's so important & how to do it!

Obama Cares! The Great Eight

LOL, Wonderful! Exposing Liberal Politics to the light of Truth through Humor, Satire, &Snark

NewsBusted 4/11/14

LOL! Especially Good! Immigration, Soros, GOP, Humor, Snark, Satire,Politics

Agenda: Grinding America Down (Legendado)

Please Watch, Download if you can, and share with everyone who wonders what has happened to America. The man that this video is dedicated to was a hero...and my teacher.

If you aren't already asking God to show you the truth, and what He wants you do do, now might be a good time to start. God bless.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SHOCK CLAIM: Obama Used the IRS to Steal the 2012 Election

Please watch and share this. It's true & vitally important. If it doesn't concern you for the safety of your nation and your family, you aren't paying attention. Have you ever read George Orwell's 1984?