Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's Been Happening...

I have been some kind of busy since last posting, and am going to have to play catch-up. You know... with getting a new phone line to replace the one that the lightning melted. That's still not completely finished. We're going to have to talk to Ma Bell, aka AT&T, about finishing hooking up the new line and removing the temporary one. The new line had to be buried because of my all my trees. At least we got that far. Your guess is as good as mine to finishing the connection.

Also, the old power adaptor for the computer indeed did succumb to the effects of the lightning strike. Evidently the wires were so weaked that they simply broke... at the most inconvenient moment, of course. However, the Lord has provided, and all the bills are being paid. It's been keeping up with the e-mails and online communications which has been killing me. :-)

As for the Lord providing, my church has a crew of men who handle emergencies. They were my angels. Here they are, repairing the roof. Because of their unselfish generosity, I was able to afford it.

And look what a beautiful job that they did. This is Christian love in action. I cannot thank them enough. God bless them, and may we all learn from their example.

Due to recent current events, I've been applying my writing to other areas than to the Science Fiction Romance which is the book of my heart. Pray that I may be able to eventually return to my labor of love. The Supreme Poodle Pasha Zackery still rules, and his HaremKitty MaxiCat followes him everywhere... At the moment, it's my lap. With both of them and the computer, the lap's rather crowded.

Happy Writing and God be with you,

Writing to inform my friends of what is happening in our nation.