Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scorpius Encore...

I said Friday that I would post another image of Scorpius. I had to play around with this image from Starry Night to get it to reproduce where you can see it online. That involved exaggerating the stars of the constellation so that they can be seen on your monitor somewhat similarly to what the naked eye will see. Black rectangles in blogs excite less than no interest. *G* The bright reddish star is Antares. The bright object to the far left of the picture is Jupiter. The diagonal smudge behind the hook of Scorpius is the Milky Way as it appears on an exceptionally dark and clear night. This is the way the sky will look tonight, just after 2300 CST.

Happy viewing,


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Heather said...

Lovely! Pics like that never get old. Wish I could go stargazing but there's a slew of nightly thunderstorms 'round these here parts so no dice.

thanks for the view!

Jace said...

Frances, that's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all those images with us.

Frances said...

Heather and Jace,
Thank you so much. I am glad that you enjoy the pics. Scorpius will be visible in the evenings for the next two months, so I hope the weather cooperates at some point. Even if you are faced with light polution, you should still be able to see Antares. Good luck.

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