Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catch up...

I am still playing catch-up from my dino-computer being down, and having difficulties getting the laptop connected to the web. The screw-driver shop told me two weeks, and it has now been over three. Ah, keeping up with business.

When I finally got online with my laptop, I had over 900 e-mails to respond to. This was just from three weeks! Admittedly, 70% were spam, but I still had to check through them because... well, you know how accurate spam filters are. Anyway, I've finished with one account, have 60 more legit e-mails to cover in another, and 180 in another. This says nothing to the online communities that I wish to support!

Well, the day is breathtakingly beautiful outside, and I am trapped inside. The Supreme Poodle Pasha Zackery has either burrowed into the front of my robe (does that tell you my current haute couture condition?), or stretched out across my shoulders to hold me down. He knows that I must not be allowed to escape until I have done my assigned work. A Pasha Pet can be such a slave driver to his poor slave Mommy!

May you all have lovely weather to enjoy,


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