Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day...

Around the World, today is a day of Remembrance for all of those who have given their lives in the service of their countries. The following countries are the ones that I know are observing this day: Australia, Bermuda, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Republic of Ireland, and United States. There may be others observing this day. If I have neglected your country, please accept my apologies.

When I stopped in at KimberAn's blogs today, she had posts about Veteran's day. At her Enduring Romance blog, she talks about her family and its military history. She also highlights my review of CORDELIA'S HONOR. At her Star Captain's Daughter blog, she spotlights the amazing group of American military women in the Lioness Program. These women are working to help the military be culturally sensitive to Iraqi women. I think that it would be very difficult to say how many lives they have saved.

Another group that I would like to recoginze are The RomVets. They are former members of armed services who now are Romance authors, and who continue to give of themselves to brighten others lives with their writing.

Thank you men and women who guard the peace of the world,


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