Thursday, March 5, 2009

Computer Maintenance Day!

Today is Computer Maintenance Day. I have removed my old security system. I have installed my new security system. I am now downloading the updates to the new system. This is taking FOREVER! I am going stir-crazy!

I can't say that I blame the security system. Most of the problem is this dinosaur dial-up connection that I have. Being the only connection on a 70 year old phone line is not conducive to being at the top of Ma Bell's DSL list. I've been asking when she would install the new line for years(all my neighbors have it). "We expect it to be available for that line within two years." Yeah, right! That was five years ago.

Oh well, I defraged after removing the old program. I checked the 'puter for stray files. I found a few files, verified that they could be removed(the techie was great), and then removed them. I then installed the new system, and am getting the updates now. As soon as the updates are finished, next week, I'll defrag again. That way everything will be all right-and-tight with no wasted space on the hard drive. While I do this I keep a written log for emergency reference. It's saved my a$$ets more times than I care to think about, and I heartily recommend it for everyone messing with a computer.

Gee, that program only has 14 more hours to go on the download. I think that I had better leave the room before I write something that I would later regret. :-)

Happy computing,


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Jace said...

Hey Frances, computers can be a real pain, can't they? I hate to have to mess with them. I wish you a fast and trouble-free comp when everything's done. :)

Frances said...

Jace, Thank you for the sympathy. I need it. This thing is driving me crazy. I have been working on this for 24 hrs. and twice the update has almost been complete when Ma Bell would kick me offline. Then I would have to start all over from zero. Grrrrr! If the consequences of not having security were not so great, I would skip the whole thing. BTW, I have been kicked off three times just while writing this one reply. Go figure. :-(

Jace said...

Frances, I've give you (yet) another award. :) Check out my blog.

Frances said...

Hi Jace! Thank you. This one is going to take some serious thinking. Oh gosh, I wonder if I'm up to it. LOL I shall try to rise to the occasion. Looks like we have some of the same addictions/obsessions.