Thursday, May 7, 2009

Editing Letter

Lara Zielin has nailed it. This has to be one of the most clever vids that I have seen. Lord help me, and gentle reader please forgive me. I hope that this doesn't totally screw up the load time of the page. I have unbelievably slow dial-up, and it takes me forever to download a vid, so I will give you the YouTube link in addition to embeding the vid here. Here, gentle reader, is what writers endure...

Have fun. Happy writing,
Writing Science Fiction Romance
Real Love in a Real Future


Lara Zielin said...

Hi, Frances.

I'm so glad you like the video. Thanks for sharing the link! Good luck with your blog!

Lara Zielin

Frances said...

Lara, I found out about your vid from Linnea Sinclair. She loved it. I think that finding a way to make yourself stand out from the book trailer crowd is wonderfully clever. Best of luck with your career. :-)

Emily C. said...

Oh gee, can I relate! I love your site by the way. If you like, ou can steal some of my writer's tools from my blog.

I have to recommend this writing course to all writers (to avoid feeling like the woman in this video). It's called 'How to Think Sideways':

Feel free to recommend it to your readers. It's been so helpful!

Frances said...

Emily C, welcome to my blog. I went over to your Musings, and loved it. Thanks for they recommendations. I just might take look into the course myself if I can catch my breath. I feel like I'm running with my tounge hanging out. LOL