Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wishing You a Happy and Blessed Resurrection Sunday...

Good Morning My Friends.

Joy to the World! Resurrection Sunday is the most joyful day of the year for a Christian. It is the celebration of the guarantee that we will live forever with the God who loves us enough to die for our freedom. My post last Easter gives a full explanation of what this means and how you can experience it for yourself. Please accept my invitation to read and think about this here:

Frances Writes: He Is Risen

This morning I want to share with you a video of one of my favorit hymns, CHRIST THE LORD HAS RISEN TODAY. Now, this is the way that this should be sung. May God be with you all.

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He Is Risen.
Wishing you every blessing.


Lady Glamis said...

Happy Easter!

Frances said...

Hi, Lady Glamis! Love your new icon. Your hair looks terrific. I hope that your Easter was wonderful. :-D

Lady Glamis said...

My Easter was lovely, thank you! Hope yours was, too. :)

And my hair never really looks like that, by the way. It's normally straight and stringy and not that great of a color. I owe that picture to my two friends who dolled me up and used my studio lights to make me look all glam!

Frances said...

LOL, I need your two friends. You'd better be good to them.