Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elections of November 2008: Reprise

As I am sure that you are aware, I am an unashamed patriot. I love my country desperately. But it is a country in distress. That is the symbolism of the upside down flag which you see above. The literal meaning of the upside down flag is "Save Our Souls". Perhaps you have heard the term as "SOS". Today is our National Day of Prayer...but more on that in a few minutes. First I would like to revisit November 5, 2008, so that you may understand the source of the distress.

Voting, the Rule of Law, and Election Post-mortem

America is a country under law. I'm proud of that. It has just gone through one of the unique processes in the history of world politics. It has decided to have a complete change in its government, without a single shot being fired. We do this every four years. There has been a hard fought election campaign and record voter turnout. People have exercised their right... and their duty to vote. We can all only hope that we've voted wisely, for ultimately we are responsible for the government which we choose.

The American government was designed with multiple layers of checks and balances. The three different branches of the government, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial, are designed to serve as restraints upon each other... in an ideal situation. The two main political parties, along with the minor parties, prevent any one group from gaining total control over the rest of the populace... in an ideal situation.

We are not now going to have an ideal situation. This would be the case no mater the winning party. The caution that we face is that one political party can now control almost all legislation and appointments with little restraint. Regardless of anyone’s political belief, this is not good for the future of our country, or the world. Other countries have had similar situations, and none have been happy for long.

Voters, of America and the entire World, it is imperative that we understand the issues of our governments, and inform our representatives of how we think that they should vote and conduct themselves. Then we must hold them accountable.
This is the reason that I haven't been active on Frances Writes. I have been informing myself of the consequences of our new administration's actions, and informing as many others as God has given me the power to do so. My Friends, America did NOT choose wisely. The administration which was elected has systematically set about destroying everything which has made America a "light to the World". Inspite of an overwhelming disaproval of the voters for this disasterous course, the administration has ignored our wishes.

The American Dream is in danger...and with it, the rest of the World is in DANGER!

God bless you all,

Frances Drake

Writing to Save My Country
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