Saturday, February 18, 2012

McNaughton Fine Art: Amazing Critique of McNaughton's Art

Wake up America
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If you aren't familiar with the art of Jon McNaughton, let me introduce you. His specialty is art which makes people think. I found the following critique on his blog. In my opinion, it's excellent. As an art teacher, I always taught my students that the highest purpose of a work of art was communication. The student is to examine and evaluate the message which the artist wishes to communicate. We must all be thinking viewers, not passive, allowing ourselves to be deceived.

McNaughton Fine Art: Amazing Critique of McNaughton's Art: "I found this article that talks about my paintings. I'm not used to someone with art history understanding making a critical analysis of my... " ~ Jon McNaughton

Here is to Fine Art, Better Thinking, and God bless America.



Lisa said...

Hi Frances Thanks for stopping by. Are you the one who posts "anonymous" over at Who Hijacked? If so I just love your comments. Some of the best I have read.
Nice blog. Interesting

Anonymous said...

sorry to say it but I doubt if America is going to wake up in time to save us from this monster in the white house now.

Frances said...

Thanks for coming Lisa. I left a note over on your blog. ;-D

Frances said...

Hi Debonair. I just went through your blog. Love your header, beautiful picture. Sir, you are a Snark Genius. Please, accept my sincerest compliments.

As for America waking up in time, I don't know. I'm doing everything that I can over on Twitter and around the blogosphere to spread information. Sometimes, I feel like an Old Testament prophet. Mine is just to tell the truth. Win, lose or draw, one day I shall stand before my Lord, and I don't want to have to be ashamed when He askes me what I did with His precious gift of this country.

If you're on Twitter you can find me @Frances_D. God bless.

Dawn said...

I love McNaughton's work! Great blog, Frances! Following you on Twitter, too!

Dawn Morris

Dawn said...

I love McNaughton's work! You have a great blog, Frances! Following you on Twitter, too!

Blessings, Dawn

Frances said...

Hi, Dawn. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so glad that you like the Blog. I don't get much time here anymore, but I try. Also thanks for all your RTs. God bless, Sweetie.