Monday, May 19, 2014

"Ghetto and Niggarish" Obama's, Reed, Biden, Pelosi, Jackson

Tell the truth & shame the Devil, E.T.! God bless. You may get rough with your language, but by golly you do use it accurately and eloquently. Honored to listen to a Warrior for Truth!

I would like to make something clear to those who are younger about the history of the history of the language. In the 1950's Negro or Colored was a polite sign of respect. Black or Nigger was not, and invited a mouthful of soap. Times change and Progressives change the language. On the other hand, the meaning of White Trash has never been changed by the Progressives. Please don't insult the Negro community by calling John Boehner, or one of the others E.T. mentioned, Negroes. E.T. has the historically correct usage. The people he referred to behave in a vulgar or, as E.T. says, "niggerish" fashion. However, remember, that there is still one step lower....White Trash. I think Pelosi might have made that step.

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