Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AWOL for the Last Couple of Weeks...

This is my "excuse for being AWOL for the last two weeks. I have been living in "interesting times", as the Chinese say.

First, the plumbing backed up, roots in the drains with accompanying exorbitant bill.

Next, lightening struck near the house, throwing all the breakers, overloaded the computer's adapter, discharging the computer's battery, frying the phone line and the computer's modem. I tried flipping the breakers. Nothing happened. Hence, called the electricians, who came and flipped them making them work and also leaving exorbitant bill. Why the circuits worked for them and not me... go figure.

Ordered new adaptor for computer. Wrong one came in. Called the manufacturer..."Why don't you try the old one again since it's been sitting for a week." Hey, it worked! But, no dial tone... modem fried. Modems in laptops can't be replaced because they are part of the mother board. (**&^#! Got new external modem, with its accompanying exorbitant bill. Worked in the shop. Got home and hitched 'er up. ERROR! Black screen of death. Called computer shop back. "We're sorry, but he's gone home for the weekend." (^%$#!

Took the computer and external modem back to the shop yesterday morning. Everything worked fine. I tell you that inanimate objects are out to get us!

Then after all that, a tree limb, weighing several tons, falls on my office/studio/carport, and I have that to repair and pay for.

The last 15 days have definitely been "interesting". If I disappear again, it's because I can't pay the phone bill. On top of that, I have over a thousand e-mails staring at me. As I told one of my friends, "This has been one of those time when I've thought of the verse in the Bible where it says, "In all things give thanks, for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you." Well, as I stood there looking at the destruction, I said, "God, I just want you to know that it's taking all the faith I've got to give thanks, so please show me something to be thankful about." I am so thankful that He has a sense of humor because lightening hasn't struck me....yet. LOL
"Interesting" sucks!

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