Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blog Challenged: Part IV

And the Power Company said, "Let there be light." And late last night, we got light. Hurrah! The power lines are still down; but now, they are lying on top of the downed trees instead of underneath them. When the poles are straightened, everything should be normal, uh, sorta normal. One never knows, and there are no certainties in life. As for me and my house, today we shall do laundry. And the whole town cries together, "Hurrah!" When the linemen left last night, I heard one of them say as he drove out of sight, "Well, 84,000 down, 16,000 to go." Thank you, Linemen. One part of the yard cleaned up, five more to go.

Enough of this storm business. I am building a blog. Yesterday (before they cut off the power to work on the line), I was inspecting the blog work of the last few days. Then, I began to hear voices in my head. The art teacher was saying, "That composition is all wrong." So I changed Lucius Malfoy's supercilious mug from below Writers Write to a place above my supercilious mug. Looks better! I know he thinks so.

The second voice that I heard was that of the efficiency expert. "What are you doing with that Author List? You want LINKS dummy!" So, I threw away the list, and went back in and added "Author Links." While I was so carried away by efficiency, I also added "Very Useful; Very Important" links and "Very Fun" links. I am sure that more will be added in the future. At that point, what little power I had suddenly went out. I knew that Santa Claus in the form of power co. linemen had arrived. I was about to get full power. By the time power was restored, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Contemplating further changes before my Grand Opening,

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