Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome to My Grand Opening

Welcome to my Blog. I've been posting for the last week as I built this site; but, I wanted to have it as nearly perfect as I could before I invited company. I'm glad you’ve come. If you wish to read the older posts, you can chuckle... or commiserate with me, as the mood strikes, about my trials and tribulations. I hope that you enjoy. I'm still working on inserting images into a post. There's always more than one way to deal with error messages.

Since I'm writing Science Fiction Romance, for my first official, grand opening picture, I thought that William Anders’ December 24, 1968 photograph, Earthrise, taken on the Apollo 8 Moon Mission, was particularly appropriate. I was in college at the time, and this image stunned me. I am an amateur astronomer and shall never cease to marvel at the astounding pictures of space taken by the world’s great observatories and by the Hubble Telescope. But, Earthrise was the photograph in which I, and billions of others, first saw our precious planet floating alone in space.

Seeing our fragile home rising more than 238,900 miles (or 384,400 kilometers for you Earthlings outside of the USA) beyond the surface of the Moon, turned my generation’s, and all subsequent generation’s view of their place in the Universe on end. Prior to this photograph, travel to another world had been Science Fiction. After this photograph, it was Science Fact. That’s where we live! Suddenly our world didn’t look very big in the grand cosmic scheme. What if something happened to it? Perhaps we should take better care of it? After all, it’s the only home we have.

But the world has turned and new generations have arisen. The excitement that my Father’s generation felt at the Wright brothers rising thirty feet into the air has been forgotten. The wonder that my generation felt at man rising above our atmosphere, of looking back at our world from another world, seems to have become commonplace to most of the population. “Oh, the International Space Station is changing crews? Isn’t that nice, but I really have to: get the kids to school; get to work; etc.; etc.”

May we never lose our sense of wonder at the Creation that we are a part of.


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Melanie Atkins said...

Nice blog, Frances!! Very cool.

Frances said...

Thank you Melanie. The cover for Voodoo Bones is outstanding.

Brantley said...

First Sir Francis Drake, now Lady Frances Drake? I guess the first real question is what you've written or are writing.

Amber Dawn Bell said...

Great blog, Frances. Woohoo! I'm still working on mine, so I understand the frustration. Congrats and pulling yours together.

Amber W.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Aunt Frannie! Fun blog! Great to see you moving forward with your writing career! :-)

Saskia Walker said...

Lovely blog, Frances! I've been blogging for two years and I'm still learning :)

ddurance said...

You're doing a fine job! I don't think there is a manual for it anyway. I haven't even started blogging yet, but I may be one of the few who isn't. LOL


DeAnn G. Rossetti said...

Hi Frances!
I came over from the Linnea Sinclair listserve to take a peek at your blog, and it looks pretty darn good to me, especially for a first time blogger! I have three blogs going, and I have to say that the first one was the hardest, but once I got one down, the rest were fairly easy to create. My book blog is at and that was my first blog, so feel free to check it out.
Congrats on starting your writing career!

Linnea Sinclair said...

Great blog, Frances! And I'll bring the vodka any time you need it. ;-) ~Linnea

Frances said...

Saskia, Diedre, and Deann, I went to all of your web sites and blogs. You ladies really know what you are doing. Praise from you is high indeed. Thank you. All of you, and Linnea, thank you for your encouragement.