Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bracing for the Storm

We just got through with Fay and here comes Gustav.

I hate storms. Fay wasn't really so bad. At least we didn't have any violent rain or winds with her. Just steady soaking rain, which was good. I don't trust Gustav, though... too Teutonic sounding to me. I hope he doesn't plan a blitzkrieg like Katrina.

July was a drought, and August a flood. I didn't have to cut the grass once in July, and most of my flowers turned to dried brown husks. Since the first of August we have had rain after rain, some of it pretty violent. I lost several trees in the first storm and struggle to prevent erosion all the time. On the good side, the Phlox and Jessamine are blooming again, and perfuming my evening games of tag between the Supreme Pasha Zachery and his harem-girl Maxie Cat. On the bad side, the grass is up to my knees, and I can't see either of them when they go after each other.

This morning was a rush to continue working on the new drain, and lay in supplies before Gustav. At the local Farmer's Market, I ran into an old friend at the Master Gardeners' tent. We began discussing "thug" plants and erosion control. She is using the same technique as I. If you have any problems with erosion, try planting the area with Lirope or Mondo Grass. They are garden "thugs", and their roots will hold almost anything against Hell itself.

There is an area in my yard that wants to wash into the Gulf of Mexico and take half my hill with it. I put in the new drain at the head of the ravine; but, it can easily clog, and when that happens - bye bye hill and 200+ year old drive! This is where the Lirope and Mondo Grass come in. Therefore, when the storm arrives in the wee hours tomorrow night, or soon thereafter; I will probably be out keeping the drain open. Remember me after Gustav makes landfall. Are we having fun yet?

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