Monday, August 4, 2008

I Am So HTML Challenged

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language.

Does that scare you as much as it does me? I thought so. Well again my marketing loop came through with a goody that I thought that I would pass along. Lisabet Sarai has a wonderful page explaining HTML on her website:

I confess that I am HTML illiterate. However, I am working on it. If you, like I, are deficient in this area, here is an excellent place to begin learning. My ambition is to create mine own website before I start shopping my manuscript. In any case I will definitely need to know how to handle the website when I do have it. Lisabet's article made some things clear that I had no idea of before. Thank you Lisabet.

Happy writing,


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Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks for sharing my article, Frances! I've gotten really good feedback on it, so I'll probably do some follow-up when I climb out from under to my more urgent to-do pile!

Frances said...

Hi Lisabet! Welcome to my blog. When I find information that can be useful to other aspiring writers, I like to pass it on. Thanks for the time that you put into your articles. Looking forward to the next one.

Jace said...

I'm hopeless with HTML. I learn as and when needed ... and fiddle with it only when it becomes unavoidable. LOL

Thanks for the link, Frances.

Frances said...

Hi Jace!
Welcome back. All I've got to say is that if it weren't for your help, my blog would not have some of the cool stuff on it that it does. Thank you.

Heather said...

I am so impressed that you're learning HTML. I guess that is just what authors these days need to do to stay competitive. Good luck with it!

Frances said...

Hi Heather,
Who said that I'm actually learning anything? LOL I just thought that I would share what I was trying to learn. *G* Hope that someone else is smarter than I am. Lisabet is willing to answer questions, thank goodness.

Melanie Atkins said...

Awesome, Frances! I don't know HTML, either, but I'm learning a tiny bit here and there. Love your blog...and I just put your link on my new blog.

Frances said...

Hi Melanie!
All we can do is to keep struggling. Thanks for putting my link on your blog. You are an inspiration.

Annie Overton said...

Frances, great blogging and I would love to see post as often as possible. I understand about the time it takes to maintain a blog and write too. I have bookmarked the site and hope to read you soon.

Annie O.

Frances said...

Hi Annie, Thank you so much for your encouragement. You are welcome any time. Good luck with your family history stories. They are fascinating.

Sarai said...

Hey that's a cool page. Thanks for the insight.

PS thanks for visiting the site.

Frances said...

Hi Sarai! Welcome to my blog. I am so glad that you like it. Keep up the great reviews on your great site. :-)