Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...and BTW

Help! Help! I'm being held captive by the Supreme Poodle Pasha Zackery and the harem kitty, MaxieCat. They won't let me go.
This morning, MaxieCat asked to come into the house. Pasha Zackery jumped on me to let her in. What she wants, he is going to see that she gets. I was trying to write! I got up and let his girl friend into the house. I went back to trying to write.
Then MaxieCat decided that she wanted my lap. The computer was in my lap. Pasha Zack was on my shoulders. Pandamonium ensued. Pasha Zack said (in extremely loud and ungentlemanly terms, and also next to my ear - I wonder why I have this ringing in my ears?) that my person belonged to him alone. Evidently, what he is willing to sacrifice for true love has some limitations. MaxieCat ignored him, and shoved.
The upshot is that Pasha Zackery has retained his shoulder rights, and now MaxieCat is sharing my lap with the computer as she gives herself and my hands a bath... while I continue to try to write...with ringing in my ears. The computer is doing very strange things with human fingers and kitty fingers all mixed together. Communal effort was not what I had in mind as I began writing this morning. I write Science Fiction Romance... while I try to deal with inter-species romance.
May you have Peace and Joy in your house... even if I am beginning to wonder if such a thing exists.
Happy writing
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Jace said...

Merry Christmas, Frances, and to Supreme Pasha Zackery and Maxiecat. :-)

Frances said...

Hi Jace!
I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that you got that purse. *G* Also, please forgive me for stealing your Christmas tree. It is just so pretty. Zack and Maxie think that it is too. They are sitting here admiring it, and haven't trashed it yet. Now that's true admiration!