Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year and International Year of Astronomy


My name is Zackery. I am not supposed to touch Mommy’s computer – ever! So please don’t tell on me. She has not been feeling well, and she is worried about her “Happy New Year” post. So I decided to do it for her while she is resting. You can trust me. I know what she wants to say. She talks to me.

She hopes that you had a wonderful Christmas and wants you to have a Happy New Year.

She wants you to know that 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy. Mommy thinks I don’t see the stars... but I do. They are there. What more does she want?

I have to go now. She has gotten very strict. She says that I must learn to obey. I do not know if I like the sound of that word. What does it mean?

I remain, the Supreme Poodle Pasha,



Jace said...

Should I be addressing this to Zack or Frances? LOL

Anyways ... I hope you're feeling better now, Frances.

I think this post is hilarious and you have wonderful "children". :-D

Frances said...

Hi Sweetie,
Better, but, still not feeling so good. You've been in my prayers. Stay in touch. :-)