Thursday, April 9, 2009


As of sunset this evening, one of the world's great religions will begin observing possibly the oldest feast to freedom that we know of, Pesach, or as is more commonly known, Passover.

For almost four thousand years the Jews of the world have been asking, "Why is this night different from all other nights?" It is the night on which they remember the joy of gaining their freedom after four hundred years of slavery to Egypt, and the sorrow of the cost of that freedom to their former masters. Freedom is never free.

Through these people, the world has been given the inestimable gifts of the concepts of freedom with responsibility, and the rule of just law rather than the rule of might. We can only say, thank you to our Jewish friends.

Happy Passover
Let Freedom Ring
Shalom aleichem



Just_Me said...

I knew my block was missing something! Usually we settle somewhere with at least one Catholic family, one Jewish family, a token Mormon or Seventh-Day adventist family, and then the usual assortment of Protestants, Baptists, Wiccans, and Atheists. In some places we even managed to get our requisite Hindu and Muslim neighbors.

We have all of those here, except the Jewish family. I knew I was missing out on a holiday!

I'll have go send my old neighbor a belated card with thank you. :o)

Frances said...

Hi Just_Me! I'm so glad that you dropped by for a visit. I'm also glad that I reminded you of you old neighbor. I can tell that you have lead a very cosmopolitan life. Blessings of the Season.