Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Boyle

I will rarely post about pop culture. I am so not there, but I have to pass this on.

The lady in this picture is Susan Boyle. Twenty-four hours ago, she blew the world away with her incomparable voice. Click on her name and enjoy.

If you want to see what others thought of her singing, Entertainment Weekly has a great article and viewer comments. Check them out.

It's so wonderful to have the cynical world slapped up side the head every so often... myself included. I wish this lady the world.

Keep the wonder in your heart.

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Laura Herbertson said...

She is amazing

Frances said...

Laura, I was blown away by her. I want her to be my friend! :-)

Just_Me said...

I'm still debating how I feel about this. I finally caved in and watched the YouTube video. Maybe it's because I heard about it all before I just wasn't overly impressed. Yup, the girl can sing... so what?

I know my parents would role in their graves (if they were dead), I just missed that whole musical appreciation gene. *sigh* She's a great singer, but being told she's great in advance kind of steals the fun of it.

Frances said...

Hi Liana!

BTW, have I told you that I think your socks in your icon are cute?

As for the public's reaction to Sarah Boyle, I think that there are a number of factors at work: 1) she is a great singer; 2) the shock of such a lovely voice in a non-twentysomething package; 3) many had never heard anything other than rock and didn't know how beautiful the sound of real talent could sound; 4) she had the guttz, even rarer than the talent, to stand up in front of a hostile audience and achieve her dream. We envy and respect her for that. I applaud that in her. I only hope to do as well.

I understand a contrarian standpoint. I often find myself on that promentory. Just because you have heard how fantastic someone/thing is, don't let the excitement of others totally predjudice you.

Also, don't feel so bad about missing the "musical appreciation" gene. Lots of people don't have it. Talent combined with courage is what is truly rare. You have that in your own sphere. Good for you. :-)