Monday, June 1, 2009

Change Is Good...

I hope!

I've enjoyed the Reflection Nebula, NGC 1435, as my blog header since December. However, it's June now, and I feel the overwhelming urge to rearrange the furniture. MORE COLOR! Therefore, I'm replacing "Reflection" with the Fox Fur Nebula, from the NGC 2264 region of the Monoceros (Unicorn) constellation. Click on the picture below for a larger view. I use it as my screen saver. Thank you NASA and Hubble!

Monoceros is just to the south of Orion and Gemini, winter constellations, and just below the star Procyon (click on the Labels below the post for maps). If you decide to start looking for it, now, during the early Summer, the only way you might be able to see it is to look low in the West, for a brief time after sunset. Sorry about that!
I just decided to make the header more colorful. There are so many beautiful astronomy pictures available, so get used to change. It's the X-chromosome, ya know.

I hope that you like it.


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Elizabeth McKenzie said...

spectacular picture, I love you blog and have an award for you to pick up if you wish.

Frances said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping in. I'm so glad that you like the new header. I can look at the glory of the heavens forever. Sometimes when I take his Pashaness out for his evening walk, I completely lose track of time while I look at the stars. I can't even hear anything, there is such an overpowering silece as I look up... and I live next to a major highway. Funny how the mind selects what it wants to acknowledge. :-)

Thanks for the award. What would you like for me to do? Isn't that a new layout on your blog? Pretty!

Jace said...

Yes, I like it a lot. Very colourful and pretty. :)

Frances said...

LOL More Color! The world doesn't have enough color. :-)

Jace said...

Frances, I've given you a blog award. Check it out here. :)

Frances said...

Oh, Jace. Thank you. That is a lovely award. Can't guarantee the 15, but I'll try.