Friday, June 26, 2009

Sick Computers... Life Without Them and History, Part I

First let me tell you why I've been AWOL. My computer had been giving me fits for two months; and after first consulting the phone company and having all my lines checked; then, calling the manufacturer and running tests; it was concluded that the baby had to go to the doctor. My hard drive was failing very s.l..0...w....l.....y. Good news! We got to it in time. No data was lost. I still have all of my research and my Work in Progress, undamaged.

Whatever would I do with myself while the baby was in the 'puter hospital?

I had fun! Obviously, I worked on my research for my Science Fiction Romance WIP by studying ancient Sumer, Assyria, and Babylonia. My primary interests were their laws and customs and how I could adapt them to the alien culture which I have been creating. Did you know that they have found the world’s oldest joke book in one of the Sumerian libraries? As you can tell, I'm easily diverted. Six thousand year old jokes, from a civilization, foreign in both time and space, and humor still revolved around the digestive tract and sex. The same tasteless jokes that eleven year olds are still telling. Who’d a thunk it? Technology changes. People don't. Or have they?
Happy imagining. Life Without Them and History, Part II coming soon. Now, I only have about a thousand e-mails to catch up on. ARRRGH!
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Lady Glamis said...

I love researching! Glad you got a lot done, and I'm glad you didn't lose anything!

Frances said...

Thanks Girlfriend. Had me pretty scared for a bit. The techie was great though. Said that we had caught it in time. I love researching too. There's just so much out there to learn, and you never know how you're going to be able to use some of it. *G*

Laura Herbertson said...

Have you ever read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson? I just finished it. It's also a science fiction novel that references Sumer, Assyria, and Babylon fairly heavily.

Frances said...

Hi Laura! No, I haven't. Sounds very interesting. I really need to find me more time in a day. Life is not fair. My roommate reads at over 2000 wpm with total recall. I read at 150 wpm, on a good day. Every so often she walks in and dumps a book in my lap saying, "You need to read this." What would I do without my friends? *G*