Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Guest Blogging...Come for a Visit!

If you've never been to The Galaxy Express, you're in for a treat. Heather Massey has created the absolutely, greatest spot on the web for Science Fiction Romance fans to get the latest news and to simply have fun.

I'm going to be guest blogging at The Galaxy Express, tomorrow, Sunday, July 12. Please stop in for a visit. Heather asked me to blog on "Parallel Universe", and she is having some awesome articles from terrific bloggers.

Actually, she named the week of guest blogging "Parallel Universe"; but, being the literal clone of my mother, I took her at her word and wrote guessed it..."Parallel Universes." *G*

Happy reading and writing,
Frances Drake
Writing Science Fiction Romance
Real Love in a Real Future


Jace said...

I'll be sure to pop by for a visit. :)

Frances said...

Hi Jace! Glad you stopped in. Got some really good comments at TGE. Did you know that I am now a "spitfire"? I love it!