Friday, July 17, 2009

My Secret Garden – July 2009

How doth my garden grow? Until day before yesterday... it didn’t! Don't take this picture seriously. I just loved the kitschyness of it.

After a spring of rain, rain, rain, jungle, jungle, jungle, we’ve gone for over two months with less than ½ inch of water from heaven...which we have now gotten... yes, day before yesterday! Flowers, basically, had stopped; and, their leaves wilted and turned brown. Even the grass stopped growing, and I haven’t had to mow in weeks. Last night it poured and we're expecting more later. Hurrah! Just so long as it doesn't storm violently. Such are the vagaries of summer gardens of the Deep South. If we can't eat it, and it isn’t watered by God, it doesn’t grow. On my is root hog or die.

Except...we did water the vegetable garden which my roommate and I planted in my patio. I have success to report in this department. Well, qualified success. The Supreme Poodle Pasha Zackery, MaxieHaremKitty, and catnip have done their work. They have been ferocious defenders of the growing larder (they both like lasanga). This year, the deer haven’t gotten fat at our table’s expense. Houston, we have tomatoes. The watermelon, squash, cucumber and eggplant have been busts. Never made it off the launch pad. But there have been other problems in our organic garden.

First, it was the roly-polies. They are those tiny grey crustaceans which roll up into a ball when you touch them and are supposed to clean up dead leaves. Except, they decided that tiny new plants, dianthus in particular, were gourmet provinder! Sorry, the dianthus had to go... and the roly-polies returned to their proper duties.

Next, it has been the Tomato Horn Worms. They’re about the size of your little finger, and are truly voracious

MONSTERS. My roommate calls them the “pedophiles of the garden”. She says Horn Worms like ‘em “young and tender”. Yes, I know, vulgar, but she did give me permission to use the phrase. It isn’t a patch on what she really said the morning she found the top growth eaten off of all our tomato plants, so thank your lucky stars for my tender sensibilities in not repeating her exact words. Picking these worms off the plants over several days and spraying the plants with a Pears soap solution did the trick. The plants are now recovering and continuing to produce. We hear that pure diatomaceous earth works on both roly-polies and horn worms. Oh, well, next year!

Last night we had the first real rain since May. Everything has perked back up. The cashmere bouquet and summer phlox are no longer wilted, but are beginning to bloom again. The confederate jasmine has also started blooming once more. The daylilies are all rebloomers, but will take some time to recover. The next flowers to bloom on my garden calendar are the Philippine Lilies and the Naked Lady Lilies. I’ll post pictures as they open.

Happy writing, happy gardening,


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P.S. I haven't forgotten about History, Part III!

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