Monday, June 14, 2010

Freedom is Colorblind (open up your eyes)

America has had a complicated racial history... nothing's perfect, after all. It would be impossibe to be otherwise with people from all over the globe coming here to pursue their unique "American Dream". That's what has made America different.

As in everything, there have always been those who would seek to divide and profit from the differences, both real and imagined, of others. However, thankfully, there have also always been those who saw character rather than color. That is what this video is about. Americans are reawakening to their common rights and duties as citizens.

The only color that Freedom knows is RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! I am so proud of all my patrot friends. Some of you, I happen to know your color...but most I have no idea, and I don't care...YOU ARE MY FRIEND...AND YOU ARE A PATRIOT!!!

God bless,


Writing to Awaken Her Country

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