Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Greatest Scam in the History of the World...or "The Sky is Falling"

Science and politics seem to be inextricably entwined... because science is rarely fully understood by most people, and consequently, is often feared, even if subconsciously. Politicians find this lack of understanding and supposed fear to be ready made tools to gain power… for power is the one thing above all others that any politician desires. "The Climate is CHANGING! Oh my! Oh my! Panic! Panic! PANIC! But, never fear, WE, the smiling politicians can save you. Trust us. We’re the experts. Just do as we say. Give us your freedom. "We" know what’s best for you."

Pollution arouses passions, yes; but, being lied to arouses even more passions. Case in point: the recent exposure of the falsified data from the IPCC on supposed anthropogenic global warming. As it turns out, there hasn’t been any warming of the Earth in over ten years. We are actually in a cooling cycle. They LIED! The data was deliberately FALSIFIED!

Oh, but what about that horrible CO2 that humans create, and Carbon Trading we need to save the World? CO2 hasn’t changed in a long time, and is less now than it was in the past. Claiming that there is more was just a political lie to gain power. Actually the more CO2 you have in the atmosphere, the better the plants grow. It’s called photosynthesis. We need it. And as to the Carbon Trading, let me tell you a secret. I was a commodity trader for many years. Carbon Trading is simply a grand scale commodity trading scam to transfer money from your pocket into the pockets of dishonest politicians… arguably the greatest scam yet in the history of the world. As with every good mystery...follow the money!

Writers, if you want something serious to write about, write about corruption, and the hero who exposes it, and defends truth. Our government has excellent examples of the corruption. If you want accurate scientific information, go to: CFACT. The scientists and researchers at CFACT are under the aegis of Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchly. He is one of the World’s great mathematicians, a real genius, and he nailed the Global Warming Creeps because he also has a cast iron pair, and is willing to go to the wall for the truth! He's the real hero!

If anyone would like for me to supply specific scientific sources, let me know. I can’t promise to be timely, but I will get back to you.


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

This is really interesting! I didn't know all that, but it's no surprise we're being lied to. I'll check out that link.

Frances said...

Hi Michelle!
Welcome to my blog. I understand your shock at the facts of this post. Lord Christopher Monckton has a number of videos up on YouTube. This is the one that started the process of blowing the lid off of the Global Warming Scandal:
Since he gave this speech on October 21, 2009, Lord Christopher has been an avenging angel of truth. He doesn't back down... because he doesn't speak up without irrifutable proof. He has his facts and doesn't hesitate to call a lie. I love that!