Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Secret Garden: How Doeth It Grow?

Like a jungle, of course!

But, I don't EVER remember my Secret Garden being as beautiful as it's been this Summer. No exceptions.
I intended to write about my July/August garden last year, but time and direction prevented me. I've been writing elsewhere, and, even this time, it's taken me several weeks to put this post together. Anyway, I am NOT going to let the days slip away again. It'll be yet another year before my garden reminds me to write about it if I don't do so now. Even now these beautiful blooms are fading. However, it will only be a few weeks before the next wave of color begins. Enjoy.

To understand my "justifiable" (cough, cough) pride, you must be aware that an immutable Law of the Universe is that Summer in the South is hot as Blazes, humid as a steam bath, and rain is never dependable. There are very few plants which can survive, let alone bloom, under these stresses, with zero pampering. After the day lilies, during the first two weeks of June, there simply isn't much happening in the Southern Garden. By July, the crepe myrtles are almost the only thing still blooming... but not in my garden. The rains came when needed this year, and we have been the beneficiaries of God's bounty. Beautiful flowers during the day and heavenly fragrances to enjoy during late night constitutionals with Pasha Zack and Harem Kitty Maxie.

Long, long ago, I started collecting heirloom plants for each month. I wanted color throughout the year... the gaudier, the better. My idea was that if a plant had survived and thrived for a hundred or more years, and had been passed down through my family or friends' families, I'd give them an opportunity... they could root hog or die! They rooted. They thrived. And recently I received the gardener's greatest accolade. A friend came down my drive and exclaimed, "It's a wonderland!" What more could I ask?
Generally in order of appearance, these are the bloomers in my July/August garden: Crepe Myrtle; Garden Phlox; Lycoris Squamigira (aka Naked Lady Lily); Philippine Lily; Cashmere Bouquet; Confederate Jasmine; Pink and Blue Buddlieas, New Gold Lantana and Homestead Verbena. July/August is all pink, white, yellow and purple, and the butterflys and birds have been going crazy.

Happy writing, and gardening.

God bless,
Who will eventually return to writing Science Fiction Romance...
I promise!

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