Monday, August 23, 2010

The New Orleans School Voucher Program

I love the city of New Orleans. It's been a second home to me since my first trip there 62 years ago... which I really "do" remember! I have watched New Orleans go from a vibrant, world-class, commercial center, the largest port in the World, to a bureaucratically moribund excuse for a third-world banana republic. I lived there for 10 years during the 1980s, and loved every minute of that time. I also cried as I watched it's deterioration. Deterioration of a city ALWAYS, AND WITHOUT EXCEPTION, begins with the abdication of control of the local educational system by parents to the federal government.

Then came the collateral, flooding damage of the failed levees after Hurrican Katrina... and please remeber that Hurrican Katrina DID NOT hit New Orleans... it hit THE MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST! The infrastructure of Eastern New Orleans, including the existing bureaucratic, educational system, was esentially destroyed by corruption... and the parents, who have remained or returned to the city, have had to step forward and take their God ordained responsibility for their children's education. I am so happy for and proud of them.

This video will explain why I have more hope (that is, hope with real basis) for the future of my beloved second home. God bless the parents and teachers who are fighting for excellence in education for their children, the hope of the city and nation.


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