Sunday, February 22, 2009

This and That, and a Lot of Fun

Things have been busy around my house. Spring has been and on...since the first of January. Daffodils, hyacinths and forsythia are blooming, and the weeds are sprouting. One day it’s in the 70s and another it’s in the 20s. One thing that you can count on in the Deep South is that the weather will be totally unpredictable three out of the four seasons. Summer is guaranteed hot, but we’re not there yet, thank goodness. We have four more months of off and on good weather. *G*

Most of my time, recently, has been spent working on THE HUSBAND, my work in progress, and reading and writing a review of Linnea Sinclair’s HOPE’S FOLLY, which will be released Tuesday. Wow is it good! That review will be up as quickly as possible. It all hasn’t left me much time for blogging. I want to alert you to a few items which you might find of interest.

KimberAn, of The Star Captain’s Daughter, has posted her Young Adult Science Fiction Romance novel, THE STAR CAPTAIN’S DAUGHTER is online to be read or downloaded for free. This is a book of her heart and an engaging coming of age story. Growing up is so hard to do. Check out the opening chapter at Tia Nevitt’s Fantasy Debut.

Jess, of Jess Granger’s Butterfly Blog, is continuing to post her outrageous, interactive ETHEL THE SPACE PIRATE. Due to other writing obligations, in the future, she will be posting new episodes every other week. You never know what is going to be happening to Ethel, because Jess lets her readers vote on possible future courses of action. It is out of the frying pan into the fire in each episode, and always a hoot. Go back and read all the episodes from the beginning. It’s worth it to come away with a grin on your face. While you are at it, don’t forget to vote on the peril into which Ethel will be thrown in the coming episode. It’s your choice. Kudos for a gutsy writer for tackling so many possible scenarios!

For sheer fun, and hang on to your seat laughter, drop in at
I dare you to keep a straight face on any of these. :-)
Happy Reading,
Writing Science Fiction Romance
Real Love in a Real Future


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod to Ethel, Frances. The story is a lot of fun to write.


Heather Massey said...

Frances, thanks for linking to Cosmic Idol! Still wiping tears of laughter from my eyes....

And I couldn't agree more about how fun Ethel has been. Jess is a doll for doing that. I'm looking forward to her book BEYOND THE RAIN.

Frances said...

Jess and Heather, thanks for stopping by. Keep up the good fight ladies.

Kimber Li said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Frances!

I love that you got that it's a 'coming-of-age' story. Some readers chafe at the lack of scientific accuracy and some start the story expecting it to adhere to Romance genre conventions. I have to label it something, but to be accurate it's a Coming of Age Fantasy set 200 Years into the Future with a Strong Romantic Element.

Frances said...

I see where you have had lots of hits on SCD. I hope that you get lots more. I really felt for the kid. Growing up is hard to do. :-)