Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers, thank you for visiting.

The times that I have visited Canada, was first by hydrofoil from Seattle to Victoria (a real blast, at over 60 mph over Puget Sound), and then the ferry across the Juan de Fuca Straight from Olympia to Victoria. Both trips were wonderful and I fell in love with the city and country. One of the big draws, for me, is Buchart Gardens. If you ever have the chance to go, do. It is a breathtakingly beautiful botanical garden in any season. You will find its link in my "Very Fun" side bar.

This picture was taken by a friend, Frank Heinish, in November 2001. He is an amazing photographer. Thank you Frank and Linda for sending them to me. Thank you John for taking me.

Enjoy life,


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Dragon Lady said...

Hi Frances
That is a gorgeous picture. My husband has declared that I've taken enough shots of the rose bush. I get entranced by the perfection of the bud...and as hard as I try I just cannot seem to get that on (ha, I started to say film!) make that in the photo.

Frances said...

LOL, I know exactly what you mean. I am going to try to add photos of my flowers as the year progresses.