Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Review: MOONSTRUCK by Susan Grant

Last week, I got a good-goodie in the mail. :-D I won a copy of Susan Grant’s MOONSTRUCK from the Galaxy Express Blog. Not only that, but Heather, the GE Mistress, listed me as one of the future Science Fiction Romance writers to watch. MOONSTRUCK and dumbstruck all in one day. LOL Thank you Susan and Heather. And you, inquiring reader, may find their links in my sidebar. Enjoy.

Well, I have finally finished reading MOONSTRUCK (not easy to do when one is trying to blog and write a book at the same time). Although I think that CONTACT may still be my favorite Grant, MOONSTRUCK is a close second. Time and rereads will eventually make all clear. In any case, I highly recommend MOONSTRUCK as fun Space Opera and Science Fiction Romance, with some serious underlying themes. Susan did a really good job of exploring a wide range of emotions in this book. Being a former military officer, and presently an airline pilot, she created a fully believable military world in which her characters could live.

For me, the characterization in MOONSTRUCK was its strongest point. Susan took a gutsy gamble in introducing her heroine as a cold blooded user. It was a gamble which pays off. This was the trick for me: as an author, she made me immediately wonder why the heroine, Admiral Brit Bandar, was behaving in this manner. Brit fascinated me the same way that she fascinated the hero, Finn Rorkken. She is the victim of a terrible grief, and is coping to the best of her abilities. The moment that she truly won my heart was when I realized that she was trying to be fair in spite of all prior prejudices. I admired her for that.

MOONSTRUCK is a good study of the recovery from grief. Brit is hard, but events have shaped her. She changes and grows throughout the book. Finn also has to confront his prejudices, which come from an unexpected source. I liked that these two adults acted professionally. I liked that Finn was always trying to do what was best for his crew and for Brit. I liked that Finn didn’t play the tortured hero. It was refreshing to see a practical man.

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Heather said...

Frances, you are so right about Susan nailing Brit Bandar's characterization. One can tell she put a lot of thought into it.

lol, Ye all shall henceforth refereth to me as The Mistress!!! Love that, thank you!

Frances said...

Should that be Galactic Mistress? *G* You're welcome. You run a great site. Thanks

Jace said...

So happens I've just finished reading Moonstruck and what a fantastic ride it was! :-D I think it's possibly my favourite Susan Grant story right now. Characterization has always been her forte, but what sets this story apart [for me] is the action-adventure aspect ... this story has a nice balance of both. :-) Can't wait to read the next one in the series.

Frances said...

Jace, gotta agree with you. I thought that the balance of action/adventure with the character/romance was terrific. I have been reading it again to analyse her technique. Nice to learn from someone who does it so well.