Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm doing the Happy Dance!

I've been working diligently for some weeks on a short story set as a pre-prologue for my novel length Science Fiction Romance, THE HUSBAND. That's right, my novel has a title (in my mind at least). I had not actually finished THE HUSBAND; so, I would just tell people that I was writing a Science Fiction Romance. I hesitated, however, to claim the august title of writer. Until that crucial, orgasmic moment, when I would reach the end of a work, I still considered myself to be a Wirgin!

However, in the wee hours of this morning, I officially lost my Wirgin status. I typed THE END on my short story, "SCARS: An Excerpt from The Solaris System Watcher Chronicles". I are now a writer.

The Set-up:
Following a catastrophic war on Homeworld, humans have been scattered to other star systems within the galaxy. As these people adapted to their new worlds, first technology was lost, and over thousands of years, all memory of their origins on the Homeworld of Solaris System faded.

The remnant left on Homeworld have worked hard to reclaim their planet from devastation, and have turned it into a paradise. Technology has flourished, and they can now travel between the stars. Yet, they have never forgotten those who were exiled to other worlds. Therefore, the Watchers of Homeworld walk anonymously among those exiles, to monitor and to help them. But they are forbidden to interfere without permission.

The hero of SCARS is such a man. In SCARS, the hero, Joran, is called upon to rescue the only heir to a principality that is experimenting with freedom on a planet which has never known any freedom. In this rescue, Joran acquires the scars which his Lady will find in THE HUSBAND. What kind of man would willingly submit to torture in order to save a child... or even save an enemy?

As I told you, I started my blog, Frances Writes, as shameless self promotion as a writer. My next step in preparing to become a published author will be to build a website. SCARS is going to be a freebie on that website. I will keep you posted upon the progress of that endeavor. It's like when I started blogging, "Miss Scahlett, I don't know nothin' 'bout building no web sites!"


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Heather said...

Congratulations on a most magnificent achievement!

Anonymous said...

Yes, congratulations from me too! And it's going to be FREE ... so cool! Can't wait to read it. Well, actually, I want to read THE HUSBAND, too. Keep us posted when both will be available.

Vicky W
(Linnea group loopie)

Frances said...

Thanks Heather. Maybe everybody will forgive me if I let it all go to my head for just one day. After all, I still have THE HUSBAND to finish.

Frances said...

Hi Vicky,
Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is going to be free! I wanted to show a little more background for Joran. "I'm in love with him." she said bashfully.