Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am such a Coward!

But that's just a holdover from being dyslexic. Because it takes me so much effort to learn new things, and I have such a terror of screwing up, I have been avoiding something that I have wanted desperately to do for over a year.

No more! Tonight I installed Adobe Creative Suite on my computer. This is a mega program. My laptop is fairly swift. My computer connection to the Internet is anything but. It took me only a half-hour to install the initial program. I started in the late afternoon. Then the installation notified me that updates were available. LOLROF! The updates took from five o'clock yesterday evening until three this morning. But the dirty deed is done.

"Now, I only have to learn how to use this thing," she said laughing maniacally in the wee hours before dawn.

I think that I'd better try to go to sleep. I'm usually getting up about now.

Happy something, and courage, you too can conquer something that you have been afraid to attempt. :-)


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