Monday, January 12, 2009

A Writer’s Inspiration...

Writers are always looking for inspiration. They watch the news for their plots, and study psychology in order to make their characters more multi-dimensional. As a writer of Science Fiction Romance, I do the same, except... I like to watch animals. I’ve always had an affinity for them, and have had some pretty amazing experiences with them.

The other night I watched a marvelous program on NATURE titled the “Mountain Gorilla King.” This program first aired April 2008. It documented the same gorillas in Rwanda with which Diane Fosse began her studies so many years ago. Through war and poaching, Titus, the silverback male, has kept his family safe and helped them to grow. Now, he’s old. What was going to happen to him and to his family, the largest such group known? This is what the program documented.

I watched a surprising thing happen... yet I don’t recall it being mentioned in the script, and that surprised me. I wonder, how many other viewers noted what really happened? For nearly half of his thirty-three years, Titus has preserved his family through strength and intelligence. He had a second on command, Kuryama, whom, for years, he had skillfully kept subordinate. His second was beginning to push, more and more, for command. The situation was becoming dangerous. Finally, Titus took his entire family to the top of a high mountain, where they were in danger from the altitude and low temperature. Then he held them there. Eventually, Kuryama got up to leave, and two thirds of the family left to follow him. Only Titus’s closest intimates remained with him. Transfer of power was complete. He and his smaller family left the mountaintop and continue living successfully. Show ends.

But think about the ramifications of this for a moment. This was a move worthy of the wisest and wiliest of political strategists. Titus had manipulated a complete change of political power democratically, and without violence... where the opposite is the norm, involving much bloodshed and the killing of babies. Not only was Titus able to ensure the future of his family without violence, it was also without anger. It was then revealed that Kuryama is his son. Titus recognized his growing limitations and knew when it was time to step aside. Even though divided, there has been no war. Would that humanity could act in such a civilized manner.

In researching this article, I have since found that there have been new developments which are equally amazing. Titus has brought his small family into the group now ruled by Kuryama. Titus has assumed the second in command position, and not only has there has been no conflict, he is given respect by his son as well as the group at large.

Writers gain their inspiration from the most amazing sources. Isn’t it wonderful.

Happy hunting for your inspiration.

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